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Weipro 9W UV Sterilizer / clarifier

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Weipro 9W UV Sterilizer / clarifier

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  • Low power consumption
  • Special spiral design that allow more water contact time to sterilizer / clarify water 
  • double mounting option; Hanging or vertical install 
  • Suitable for fresh & Marine usage 
  • High intensity UV resistance housing
  • Electronic ballast to protect UV lamp 
  • 360 degree free rotation water inlet and outlet

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Weipro- Ultra Violet UV water Sterilizer / clarifier  9w 

Water clarifier for fresh and salt water aquariums and garden ponds.

Weipro UV sterilisers can eliminate single cell algaes giving crystal clear water in aquariums and ponds. They can also help control bacteria and other water borne parasites and decreases the risk of fish acquiring infections. The controlled water flow within the Weipro UV and its large volume ensure maximum efficacy. The water is directed in a spiral path around the quartz tube resulting in more efficient use of the UV radiation than in standard units. The inlet and outlet fittings can be rotated through 360° for easy mounting at any angle. Weipro UV sterilisers are available in 5 sizes: 5 and 9 watts for fresh and salt water aquariums, 18, 36 and 55 watts, with a 10 m rubber cable and high frequency electronic ballast, for garden ponds, salt and fresh water aquariums. The electronic ballasts increase the lifetime and the efficacy of the UV lamps.

Brand : Weipro
Model : UV 9w
Voltage : 220v
Frequency : 50-60Hz
Power : 9w
Capacity : 30 – 250 liters
Rate of Flow : 500 liters/hr.
Rate of Flow : 250 liters/hr.sterilizer

Lenght : 260 mm.

Spiral Design allow Greater water contact time increasing the sterilisering effectiveness by 50% !

360 degree rotation design 

Hock on or parallel installation 

High intensity plastic shelling and triple layer seal protection 



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1 review for Weipro 9W UV Sterilizer / clarifier

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    very good pcs of equipment to control fish diseases

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