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Weipro ET200 Ozonizer

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Weipro ET200 Ozonizer

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-High efficency of sterilization:The sterilization of ozone is 1.5~5 times than ultraviolet light does,300~3000 times faster than chlorine.
-Wide usage:Ozone has the function of killing germs, virus, and microbes.
-Economy and convenience:It adopts air and oxygen as raw materials, it requires no medicine and additive.
-Non second time pollution: It has no remainder after reaction and no affection for the trace element of mineral water.
– Suitable for Fresh / Marine tank use
– Super clear water

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Weipro Ozonizer ET- 200

Producing ozone from ambient air, suitable for aquarium and ponds

Ideal to use with Skimmer

Suitable for fresh and salt water

Maximum Ozone Output: 200gm/h

Ozone Output Adjustment (mg/h):  50-200

Freshwater Tank Size: 500-4000l

Saltwater Tank: 500-2000l

Air Supply Flow(L): 50-500L

Watt: 6

The advantages of using ozone in an aquarium differ according to a handful of variables that are determined by the tank size, setup, number of specimens (and their species), lighting choices, and type of plant matter. Today, we’re going to focus on how applying ozone to freshwater-, marine- and reef aquariums can achieve the following:

  • Water Clarity that Reveals an Astonishing Depth of Color
  • Destroy Toxins in Your Aquarium
  • Get Rid of Aquarium Tank Odors
  • Get the Most Out of Your Aquarium Lighting due to the increase in water clarity 
  • Create a Healthier Environment for Your Fish
  •  Prevent disease in fish.
  • Fight disease in fish.
  • Increased dissolved oxygen content. ( ORP level )



Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 6 cm


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1 review for Weipro ET200 Ozonizer

  1. teo

    using it with protein skimmer, improve in tank clarity

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