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sera siporax professional biological filter media 15 mm- 1 L / 1000 ml 290g ( Refill pack )

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sera siporax professional biological filter media 15 mm- 1 L / 1000 ml 290g ( Refill pack )



  • Biologically self cleaning high performance filter medium
  • Suitable for Fresh & Marine Aquarium
  • 1000 ml suitable for more than 200 litres of aquarium water.
  • Open pored, three dimensional tunnel and pore structure
  • 34 times higher breakdown performance compared to common clay filter material
  • Can be used in fast flux, slow flux and trickle filters as well as in all internal and external filters
  • From now on available with additional 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz.) sera filter biostart for the immediate activation of sera siporax Professional

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Sera Siporax Professional Biological filter media 15 mm- 1 L / 1000 ml – 290g( Refill pack )

Higher performance is now possible with Sera Siporax Filter media

Powerful filter material is required for crystal clear water and unobjectionable water parameters. Sera Siporax from Germany is a highly effective, long-term filter medium, also intended for smaller bio filters. One liter of Siporax has the same capacity as 34 liters of ceramic or clay filters, and, therefore, is the best value for your money on the market. All other filter media are much more expensive based on the surface area of one liter of Siporax.

It provides an open pored and three-dimensional tunnel and pore structure. It allows the formation of particularly powerful biofilms that grow into the tunnels and pores and cover their walls.

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Not only nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria multiply within the siporax biofilms, but also those that break down organic substances. Dying bacteria therefore do not clog the pores. Until now, sera siporax Professional is the only biologically self cleaning filter medium.

It ensures the supply of the bacteria due to its functional tunnel structure. It furthermore develops its own optimal water current, so there is no problem using it in fast flux, slow flux and trickle filters.


For comparison: Compared to clay filter materials, sera siporax Professional achieves 34 times as much breakdown performance. Simple filter media consisting of ceramic or clay tubes usually have a closed surface – without an internal tunnel or pore structure. Bacteria can thus settle only on the outside. Higher filter material requirements are the consequence.

It is particularly convenient that aquarists and pond keepers can immediately start biological pollutant breakdown due to the sera filter biostart sold in combination. The included purification bacteria are simply poured onto the filter medium and settle optimally. The performance vs. price ration of sera siporax Professional is thus unsurpassed.

Unlike other filter rings available on the market, sera siporax consists of sintered glass. The unique material convinces due to a special three-dimensional pore structure. This allows maximum surface increase. At the same time, the fine pores provide ideal settling conditions for bacteria that break down pollutants. Since it is an interconnected system, the bacteria are permanently rinsed by water nd so can break down pollutants with best possible efficiency.


Furthermore, the unique pore array allows for self-purification of the substrate and thus very long filter holding times.

In combination with specialized bacteria, sera siporax even fulfills a variety of other special tasks, such as algae prevention or directed water conditioning.

Important: Fish enthusiasts should only concentrate on the performance parameters when purchasing filter material. The consistency is the deciding criteria for this. It does not equal effective filtration when a manufacturer declares a large material surface. Those who choose the filter medium only by price also come to a false conclusion. If there is insufficient performance, increased maintenance effort by more frequent water changes and, correspondingly, higher water conditioner requirements must be expected. This also causes higher costs.

Weight; 290 gram 

** NOTE : Our Sera Siporax come in bulk and repack to help provide best price to our customers. Products is guaranteed 100% genuine else full refund will be given. 

**  Calculation formula for sera siporax :
One single liter (one US quart) sera siporax is sufficient for purification of 1,000 liters (264 US gal.) fresh water with 20 pond fish of 10 cm (4 in.) length each or a comparable stock [representing approx. 1.5 kg (3.3 lb.) of fish fed with up to 40 g (1.4 oz.) high quality food per day] and release it from organic pollutions in long terms. For marine (Saltwater) aquarium usage, it is recommended to double the usage for max efficiency . 



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