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Sander C300 Ozonizer

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Sander C300 Ozonizer


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-High efficency of sterilization:The sterilization of ozone is 1.5~5 times than ultraviolet light does,300~3000 times faster than chlorine.
-Wide usage:Ozone has the function of killing germs, virus, and microbes.
-Economy and convenience:It adopts air and oxygen as raw materials, it requires no medicine and additive.
-Non second time pollution: It has no remainder after reaction and no affection for the trace element of mineral water.
– Suitable for Fresh / Marine tank use

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Sander C300 Ozonizer

The Sander Ozonizer augments the performance of protein skimmers and biological filters and produces transparent and healthy water. He diminishes the load of nitrite and ammonia evident. Augments the redoxpotential and the content of oxygen. Diminishes the load of disinfectants in the water. Decomposes yellow substances and other pollutants for the degradation inside the biological filter.

Technical data Sander Certizon C300:

Ozone Production (mg/h) 300
steppless adjustment (mg/h) 50-300
Power consumption (Watt) 10
fresh water aquarium or pond 500 – 6000 l
Marine water aquarium 500 – 3000 l
recommended Airflow (l/h) 20-500

Sander C50 Ozonizer

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