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REEF OCTOPUS 140 Bio Churn Reactor

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reefoctopus BR-140

REEF OCTOPUS 140 Bio Churn Reactor


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  • Equipped with Feed Pump
  • Churn Style Fluidization
  • Easy to Maintain Upper Containment Plate
  • Cascading Output
  • Solid Construction
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Reef Octopus 140 internal Bio churn bio pellet reactor


The Reef Octopus Biopellet Reactor is designed specifically for the use of solid carbon dosing biopellets. Cone bottom design helps to keep the biopellet media in suspension and evenly dispersed. Reactor lids close with fastening screws and a mesh screen contains biopellets while still allowing flow.

  • Dimensions: Diameter 140mm x Height 530mm
  • Footprint: 210mm x 210mm
  • Load capacity: 2000ml
  • Recommended flow rate: 3600-4100 LPH





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