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PROREEF Calcium reactor Media

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pro reef calcium reactor media

PROREEF Calcium reactor Media


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With a grain size of 2 to 3 mm. It is ideally suited for use in various makes of Calcium reactor for buffering the pH value as well as increasing the calcium content.

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PROREEF Calcium reactor Media

Proreef calcium media is made up of 100% pure element harvest from our mother earth which is free of heavy metal and toxic elements.

With a rich concentration of calcium, carbonate, magnesium, strontium, potassium and other essential trace elements, this is the perfect calcium reactor media necessary for the growth of  stony corals, crustaceans and all other aquatic organisms.

Perfectly graded to the grain size (2-3 mm) for Calcium Reactors to ensure good circulation and easy carbon dioxide penetration through the granule particles, Pro Reef Calcium Reactor Media provides optimum dissolution rate of the aragonite material, which effectively minimize CO2 consumption with high PH setting and enhance overall performance of running calcium reactor.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 27 cm

1 KG, 5 kg



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