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Coral fragging / propagation kit

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Coral fragging / propagation kit


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  • Precision-crafted,  stainless steel tools – Functional, durable and rust resistant
  • Come with one tube of fast curing thick coral glue.
  • Everything that you need for coral prorogation

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Coral fragging / propagation kit

Introducing a coral propagation and frag kit for the reef enthusiast. All the tools you need, and nothing else that you don’t.

The Coral Propagation Kit provides everything you need to successfully divide and propagate both hard and soft coral.

The superior kit design and high-quality materials are all that you need to Split your large colonies, share your frags with fellow local hobbyists, or sell/trade them with your friend or buddy.

Propagation Kit Content the followings;

  •  Frag plug – 10 pcs
  • thick Coral glue – 20 g  ( 1 )
  • Tweezers – 6.3 in/160 mm (1)
  • Scissors – 5.9 in/150 mm (1)
  • Coral Bone cutting forceps – 14 cm / 20 mm  (1)
  • Soft coral clamps – 10 in/255 mm (1)





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