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pro reef Alkalinity KH powder – 1000ml

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pro reef alkalinity

pro reef Alkalinity KH powder – 1000ml


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Pro Reef Alkalinity KH powder – 1000ml

Alkalinity is an essential part of calcification and coral growth. Corals skeletons are dependent on having ample calcium and alkalinity in the water for corals to absorb and convert into a calcium carbonate structure. Dry alkalinity additives are very cost effective and when mixed into a solution can be just as good or better than liquid additives.

KH Powder Dry can be used with:

  • SPS corals
  • LPS Corals
  • Soft Corals
  • Clams

How to Use;


Mix one teaspoon of the Pro Reef Alkalinity powder with every 4 liters of water . This will result in an increase of about 1 DKH in very 40 liters of aquarium volume.


It is important to keep the DKH changes of your tank limited to under 1.4 dKH or less per day so as to avoid any shock to your corals.




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