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Oceans wonders 100 pcs frag Disk (Large)

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ocean wonders frag disk
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Oceans wonders 100 pcs frag Disk (Large)


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Features ;

  • Space saving
  • Fully cured
  • Made from carisea reef sand
  • Will not release phosphate or nitrate into your water

In stock (can be backordered)

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Ocean wonders 100 pcs Fully cured Coral frag Disk – Large

Our coral Frag Plugs / Disk are perfect for the propagation or fragging of hard and soft branching corals such as Acropora, Birdsnest, Montipora, Kenya Trees, Xenia, ect.

They have a 1-1/8″” crown with a 7/16″ base and fit perfectly into standard eggcrate or into small cracks or crevices in live rock. Ceramic frag mounts are fired at nearly 2000 degrees in a high temperature kiln making them 100% inert and safe.  They never have to be cured and are shipped dry, ready to use.

All our frag plus are fully cured which mean it will not release any phosphate into your tank or promote any algae growth on it itself.



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