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Neptunian Cube Desktop Tank

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neptuian T series tank

Neptunian Cube Desktop Tank


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Neptunian Cube Desktop Tank


Neptunian T series desk top aquarium is a power pack aquarium system. It has ultra-white glass and powerful back filter. The design is simple and generous. Exquisite workmanship. Reasonable space occupancy. Low power consumption. Very quiet. It can be put on the desk next to computer to improve office environment. Suitable for feeding small creatures such as fish and shrimp.

Main Feature

1. Visible real-time water volume.

2. Cable groove makes more simple.

3. Adjustable mini filter and protein chamber.

4. Adjustable mini filter and algae chamber.

5. Mini upper water chamber.




Weight N/A
Dimensions 42 × 32 × 42 cm

T40, T45



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