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Macro Algae Reactor A220

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Macro Algae Reactor A220


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Grow macroalgae without a refugium!

Growing algae like chaetomorpha will greatly help your reef aquarium with nutrient issues like nitrate and phosphate. The  Macroalgae reactor is designed to be placed in any sump and includes a LED lighting system designed for algae growth.

Features ;

  • Helps increase PH level 
  • Nutrient export ( lower P04, N03 )
  • Reduce ugly  algae growth in display tank
  • Rise Redox / ORP value
  • Small footprint ( Space saving )
  • Can be use Internally ( In-Sump) or Externally (Out-Sump) 
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Macro Algae (chaeto) Reactor A220

Refugiums are a proven nutrient reduction method that grow specific algae like chaetomorpha that intake nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate. However, refugiums take up a lot of space, usually make a mess of your sump, and they are not efficient at directing flow through the algae. The A120  Macroalgae Reactor allows you to grow algae within a contained system, letting you have full control of the flow rate through the reactor and direct contact with the LED lighting system.is an excellent alternative for people who lack of space, but in need of a large algae filter. This small upright macroalgae reactor may still be the best option.The LED Grow light tube is specially build with combination of  White and blue to promote fast growing of macroalgae for nutrient export. The LED light tube is water proof, uses very low power and the quartz glass has high working temperature.

LED Lighting

All of our Macroalgae Reactors include a high power LED lighting system that is encased in a crystal clear quartz sleeve. Quartz sleeves provide the highest optical clarity allowing much more light to pass through when compared to typical glass. The LEDs were selected to provide excellent nutrient intake while providing rapid growth. As water flows through the reactor and contacts the quartz sleeve, it will actively cool the LED lights. We do not recommend turning the light on without water flow through the reactor. 

The Macro Algae not only allow you to grow beneficial macroalgae for nutrient export , it also helps house zooplanktons. Zooplanktons like copepods and amphipods would breed, and their babies would flow into the aquariums as a food source for corals and fish. These tiny microscopic crustaceans incorporate protein and fatty acids into a highly nutritious package for consumption by marine animals. Some fish, such as the mandarins, anthias and sea horses are found to be extremely difficult to get to eat anything other than copepods and amphipods.

Max Tank Volume Recommendation 

The size of macroalgae reactor your aquarium requires will vary depending on the amount of nutrient reduction needed. We suggest using the largest macroalgae reactor you can fit in your sump to maximize the nutrient export. 

Specification ;

Dimension; 35 x 30 x 60 CM

Led ; White and red spectrum design for promoting macro algae growth 


What’s Included?

1x Reactor

1x LED Lighting System

1x LED Power Supply





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