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illumagic VITAMiNi Led Light bar

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illumagic VITAMiNi Led Light bar


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One of the best LED light strip in the market. Idea for supplement of existing light or stand alone lighting for corals that make corals POP !!

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illumagic VITAMiNi Led Light bar


The new Vitamini Wings from Illumagic are an exciting supplemental LED striplight which is designed to really help coral colors pop. The skinny profile of the Illumagic Vitamini strips gives them loads of flexibility in installing into a wide range of applications with a constrained small or minimal overhead.

Dimension                                                                                                      Groove: 6cm                                                                                                         Cable: approx. 213cm (Incl. adapter and ballast)




3ft RGBW, 3ft Solar Spectrum, 3ft Super Actinic, 4ft RGBW, 4ft Solar Spectrum, 4ft Super Actinic, 5ft RGBW, 5ft Solar Spectrum, 5ft Super Actinic, 6ft RGBW, 6ft Solar Spectrum, 6ft Super Actinic



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