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Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt 25kg

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fauna marin salt 25kg
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Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt 25kg


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Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt 25kg

Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt is a synthetic high-purity sea salt formulated for SPS aquariums. Our years of research have led to the development of a formula that meets the physiological needs of sensitive SPS coral.

FM Professional Sea Salt contains key elements that reinforce the health and vitality of your coral. Our unique mixing process preserves all essential Halogen and rare metal elements that are commonly lost in other mixing methods.

  • Formulated for SPS aquariums
  • Perfectly balanced Elements using a unique freefall micro-coating mixing process
  • No separation of different elements after transport
  • Contains no unwanted carbon sources, bacteria, or amino acids
  • Contains all important Elements in bioavailable conditions and in perfect proportions
  • Contains the lowest amount of anti-backing due to our special milling and drying process
  • Contains all Halogen and Rare Metal elements, due to unique mixing technology
  • Chemically stable for prolonged storage
  • Dissolves rapidly and is useable in only 15 minutes
  • Small batch Analysis sheets also available.
  • Minimal dust and fast mixing, pH stable solution.
  • Produced to SRL Laboratory testing standards




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