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eshopps PF-Nano Overflow Box

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eshopps PF-Nano Overflow Box


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  • New slim design
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  • Red PVC Pipe included
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eshopps PF-Nano Overflow Box


The overflow box effectively transports aquarium water to under cabinet sumps, refugiums, or wet/dry filters.  These high quality overflow boxes features bulkhead fittings for secure and convenient installation. The U-tube style compact overflow boxes are designed to fit between your tank and your wall to maximize space usage in your aquarium setup. With only 3 in. required between your tank and your wall, these boxes are excellent for optimizing space.  Each box includes everything required to attach it to your system.

Add an overflow to any aquarium with Eshopps PF series of hang on back overflows. Adding a sump to a tank will allow you to hide equipment and while adding water volume making your tank more stable. Traditional overflows require you to drill holes in your aquarium where Eshopps PF HOB overflows use a siphon to draw water over the wall of the tank without any modifications to your aquarium.

In most cases, we would recommend drilling your aquarium and using an internal overflow like the Eshopps Eclipse, but in some situations, a HOB style overflow may be the best option. Hang on back overflows do require more monitoring and safety precautions to be in place, but can be completely reliable if installed properly and maintained regularly. Installation only takes a couple of minutes, and the PF-Nano only requires 2.5″ of clearance outside the tank to drain water down to a sump, refugium, or wet/dry filter.


    • U-tube
    • Cylinder Foams
    • Nylon screw and wing nuts
    • Pre-filter Box

What’s Included?

1x Prefilter Box

1x External Filter Box

1x U-Tube

1x Bulkhead

1x Foam Cylinder

Screw(s) and Wind Nut(s)


Starting the Siphon:

can be done with a 1-foot piece of airline tubing. Start by filling the aquarium until water flows into the intake box, and then using a cup fill the external box with water until the U-tube end is covered. Remove the U-tube and place one end of the airline tubing into the U-tube. Replace the U-tube into the overflow making sure that the airline tubing is at the apex of the bend and using a pump like a Tom’s Aqualifter to suck the air out of the tube until it is replaced with water. You may be required to fill either the internal or external box with more water as the siphon is created. Once all the air is removed the airline tubing must be removed or submerged.

Once the siphon is created it is important to keep air bubbles from forming in the U-tube. If you find bubbles forming, it could be a variety of things from too little flow to microbubble build up.






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