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DD Construction epoxy

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DD Construction epoxy

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Prevent rock-slides in your reef aquarium – this construction epoxy is designed specifically for bonding rocks and corals in a reef aquarium and cures underwater to the colour of coralline algae so that it is hardly noticeable.

Aquascape is a two-part epoxy putty that has been specially developed by D-D for use in salt water and freshwater aquariums and other underwater applications.

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DD Construction epoxy

In the marine aquarium it is ideal for bonding together live rock to form complicated structures and to avoid rock falls caused by turbo snails, sea urchins and strong current flow. It is used for attaching coral frags to rocks or mounting plates and for creating clam bases to prevent them being attacked and ultimately killed by bristle worms.

In addition it can be used to repair leaky pipe work, broken equipment or for bonding items to the aquarium glass.

Aquascape is also available in a rock grey colour for freshwater tanks and ponds or to blend with the coralline epoxy to form a mottled finish.




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1 review for DD Construction epoxy

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    Muhammad Wazir Shamsuddin (verified owner)

    The seller made sure the newest made batch was sent out since my other remote aquarium supply purchases was not so pleasant

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