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Coral Box RN-1 Nano Wave Maker

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Coral Box RN-1 Nano Wave Maker

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 1) Unique Reverse Function to prevent any dead spot in the tank !

2) Long feed mode function – 10/ 20 mins time 

3) Program up to 6 programs a day 
4) Durable Motor design 
5) Super Slim design 

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Coral Box RN-1 Nano Wave Maker

The CoralBox RN-1 is a game-changing new take on the wave-maker that truly revolutionizes the way we move water in our tanks.

The new RN-1 is smaller than the Vortech- with only a small magnet on the outside of the tank. The RN-1 does this using its innovative impeller design, which wraps around the pump motor instead of protruding from the center. This has a dual-effect of reducing the pump’s profile, and creating a wide, gentle flow pattern unique to the RN pumps.

The RN-1 is also simple to service- the pump is disassembled with a quick counter-clockwise rotation of the front housing.

The RN-1 pump also includes an intuitive controller with 7 modes, including a reverse function which clears any dead spots, along with cleaning the impeller. There is a built in timer function, which for example enables you to program your pump to run lower at night, or shut off every day at the same time for feeding. In addition to that there are 2 built in feed modes, 10 or 20 minutes.

The RN-1 includes the pump with magnet, controller, power supply, a mesh snail-guard, and an adapter which allows you to power your RN-1 using a mobile back-up battery.

The RN-1 is truly a revolutionary new wave-maker, and it will continue to make waves in the industry.

Unlike traditional wave maker pump design which focuses on the strong flow in the center, the RN-1 innovate impeller design allow gentle universal diffuser flow at the side of the wave maker instead of the center which could harm the corals with direct strong flow. 




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1 review for Coral Box RN-1 Nano Wave Maker

  1. Avatar

    kenny tan

    Use this for my 3 ft tank was happy with the flow

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