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Coral Box QP-16 wave maker pump ( 16,000 lph )

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Coral Box QP-16 wave maker pump ( 16,000 lph )


The new Coral Box QP ( Quiet  pump ) series is the latest advanced pump with greater control features, and wireless master/slave functionality.


  • German Engineering design for greater flow
  • Easy to dismantle for maintenance
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Controller LCD display for easy control
  • Build to last  ( reliability )
  • Master / Slave function – One controller to link all wavemaker

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Coral Box QP-16 wave maker pump ( 16,000 lph )

The CoralBox QP (Quiet-Pump) series was designed in collaboration with German engineers to create a pump with unheard of noise levels (pun intended), and exceptional motor lifespan. The new controller has an LCD display screen that shows you exactly what is going on with the pump- no more tricky knobs and guesswork.



What’s New? 

The QP series moved the power management to the controller, instead of the pump motor its self. That means the motor isn’t doing the heavy lifting anymore, so the motor block will last significantly longer. This same method was applied to the Jecod DCS pumps; and resulted in a large improvement in motor lifespan. The controller also includes more features and modes, like an anti-sync mode and a built-in light sensor for night mode.

This compact pump is attached to the aquarium wall with magnets and protrudes only about 3 inches into the tank, making it very easy to hide. The pump includes a controller that can link with up to 16 other QP pumps wirelessly, and has several wave functions. The QP pumps can go down as low as 5% power, or 150 gal/hour, or as high as 100% power, or 2,350 gal/hour.

The QP-9 is a bit more powerful than the RW/PP-8 and WP-25 in output, and is smaller in size, and quieter than the PP-8.



Quiet Pump is work with Coral Box Battery Backup . Order in HERE 





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