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Caribsea Life Rock Belize Branch Box – 10lb ( 4.53 kg )

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Caribsea Life Rock Belize Branch Box – 10lb ( 4.53 kg )


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  • 100% Pest free rock
  • No curing required and can be used immediately
  • Highly porous
  • Natural looking shapes and sizes
  • Natural Coralline algae colors
  • Rock infused with spored, patent pending live bacteria that will be activated upon contacted with water.

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Caribsea Life Rock Belize Branch – BOX ( 4.53 kg )

Don’t just put rocks in your tank, ROCK YOUR REEF with LifeRock™ “Belize Branch”! Spectacular branches make a reef tank go from nice to WOW!

LifeRock™ Belize Branch fills an aquarium, but leaves open more area for fish and inverts to display. Amazing porosity, incredible biological performance (drops ammonia like real live rock), and unsurpassed realism make LifeRock™ the best and most cost effective rock choice for any aquarist.

CaribSea LifeRock™ is safe for all fish and inverts, and is an aragonitic base material (does not contain cement), requires no curing, and is infused with spored, live bacteria. Once placed in water, the dormant bacteria will come alive and begin to colonize: helping to speed up the cycling process. CaribSea Life Rock is colored to simulate real coralline algae so you don`t have to wait 6-8 months for coralline algae to grow to have a mature-looking tank.

Used for: African Cichlids, Marine Aquaria, Reef Aquaria or Brackish Aquaria.

EACH BOX OF THE Caribsea Life Rock Belize Branch contains;

 Branch Rock – 2 Branches X 2 Pcs

 Branch Rock – 3 Branches x 4 pcs

 Single Branch Rock x 1 pcs

TOTAL: 6 pcs

Read Review from Reef Builders Here ; https://reefbuilders.com/2014/03/13/life-rock-caribsea-purple-reef-rock/#

Please Note: Because of the fragile nature of this rock, it is possible for the rock to break during shipment. We do our best to package the rock sufficiently to minimize damages.  It is possible to attach multiple pieces together using aquarium epoxy in order to make large shelves or repair damaged rock.



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