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Bulk magnesium chloride (mgcl) supplement for marine reef aquarium – 4kg

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Bulk magnesium chloride (mgcl) supplement for marine reef aquarium – 4kg


Maintaining a proper magnesium levels in a reef tank is important as it helps achieve the essential balance of calcium and alkalinity in your tank by preventing excess calcium carbonate precipitation level.


  • Fast dissolve rate
  • Helps maintain or increase correct magnesium level in reef tank

Bulk magnesium supplement for marine reef aquarium – 4kg

Dosage: 8.3g of product raises Magnesium levels by approximately 10ppm in 100 L of aquarium water.

Store in a cool, dry location
Product is hygroscopic. Keep covered when not in use
It is recommended that you monitor the Magnesium, Calcium and Alkalinity levels of your tank while using this product
Adjustments (if any) to Magnesium levels should be made before adjustments to Calcium levels, and adjustments (if any) to Calcium levels should be made before adjustments to Alkalinity

Do not raise Magnesium levels by more than 100ppm a day

Recommended levels of Magnesium, Calcium and Alkalinity are as follows:

Magnesium Calcium Alkalinity
1400 ppm 450 ppm 8-10 dkH

Prepare a stock solution by dissolving the required amount of product in RODI water. We recommend dissolving approximately 300g of product in 1 L of RODI water to make the stock solution.

The stock solution can be stored in a sealed container to minimize evaporation.
When required, disperse the stock solution in a high flow area of the tank, preferably an area in your sump.

27.7 ml of stock solution added to 100 L of saltwater will raise Magnesium levels by approximately 10 ppm.

Net Weight: 4KG *Food Grade Quality* Disclaimer: For Aquarium usage only. Not suitable for human consumption.


Mixing magnesium chloride with Magnesium Sulfate

Add approximately 250 g of Magnesium Chloride and 150 g level cups of Magnesium Sulfate to a 1.5 litres  jug or bottle ( Soda drink bottle will do just fine) and mix with RO/DI or distilled water. Let sit before use to dose direct into the tank or set aside as dosing pump use.



Predominantly LPS and soft corals  0.5 mL per gallon ( 4 l)
A few hard SPS corals and clams  1 mL per gallon ( 4l)
Numerous full sizes SPS colonies and clams  2 mL per gallon ( 4 l)

Above is just a recommendation for your to start with your dosing regimen, Measure your MG daily for the next few day in order to determine the tank MG uptake and adjust your dosing schedule slowly . Do not make big adjustment as it will stress your corals.



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