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Bubble magus protein skimmer BM-QQ

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Bubble magus protein skimmer BM-QQ


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Bubble magus protein skimmer BM-QQ

One of China’s largest and most respected manufacturers of high-tech aquarium products like marine, reef equipment, and the like, is Bubble Magus. The company aims to provide hobbyists everywhere with affordable products that are commonly used to make tanks that bring the clear blue of the ocean right into your home or office.

When you have a closed ecosystems, such as with small marine and reef aquariums, a key piece of equipment that is essential for making sure the tank remains stable and healthy is a protein skimmer. In order to maintain an adequate ORP/Oxidation Reduction Potential and ensure organic compounds and other substances are adequately removed from the aquarium water, it is important to select the right skimmer.


Hang-on protein skimmers like the QQ series are specifically made for small Nano aquariums. Hobbyists around the world choose the QQ protein skimmers, which is mainly due to the powerful Venturi pump-Rock SP-600 and the needle wheel that is energy efficient.

The NAC New QQ was released in 2014 as a new version of the older NAC skimmers. This wonderful protein skimmer is ideal for small sized tanks which contain up to 100 Liters.

The strong pump (Rock SP-600) is able to introduce a large amount of bubbles into the water stream, inside the skimmer body, and then pull unwanted compounds out of the water and into the collection cup – easily and efficiently.

More and more hobbyists in China and abroad use the NAC new QQ protein skimmer, which is why it’s considered to be one of the most affordable and top-rated sellers of its type.

Pump : ROCK SP600
Power : 220V/110V ,8.5W
Size :190×120×330MM
Capacity :100L




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