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Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor CR100WP

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Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor CR100WP


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Model: CR100 WP
Pump : WP1000
Power : 220V/110V ,20W
Internal volume : 1L-1.5L
Size: 135*205*445MM
Capacity :200L aquarium

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Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor CR100WP 


  • Very easy to using it, all in one!
  • Simple design, include a sand preventer drop stone in the pump



BUBBLE-MAGUSTM calcium reactor and carbon dioxide supplyunit with the operation of carbon dioxide into the reactor, theresulting water-soluble carbonate H2CO3, carbonic acid andcalcium stone reactor CaCO3 reaction of calcium bicarbonateCa (HCO3) 2 into the tank , so that the water tank heavy calcium carbonate content increased. Due to heavy calcium carbonatesoluble in water, marine organisms can be fully absorbed andconverted to their bones again an important part of the bodycomposition of calcium carbonate.



How to install:

  1. Unscrew the lid open the cover flange, the calcium stone into the reactor, tighten / covered roof to ensure that the containersealed.
  2. Monitor the pH probe into the connector on the roof waterproof,tighten.
  3. Carbon dioxide gas bubble tube connected to a computer on the air intake device, outlet pipe connected with the ceilingcovered with three-way, three of the other end of the pipeconnected to the reactor with water vapor mixing interface. (C120on the top of the outlet and the remainder of the gas carbon dioxide recovery interfaces directly connected to the mixerinterface)
  4. Will fine-tune the valve cover into the water in, and then into thewater and gas pipe connected to the other end of the hybrid interface.
  5. On the roof with a catheter calcium anti-water interface and the second tube into the water connector.
  6. Anti-calcium water on the roof of the second pipe conduitthrough the interface into the tank.


  1. Open the valve into the water, so fish tank water into thereactor. Until the water-filled reactor, and the water outflow from the calcium reactor outlet, the valve to adjust the fine-tuning the anti-calcium water two to three drops per second speed.
  2. Open the circulating pump power, so that water flow in the reactor.
  3. Carbon dioxide valve open, adjust the fine-tuning the valve, so that total Bubble carbon dioxide flow rate is displayed as abubble every two seconds.
  4. Observed pH monitor readings, adjust the input volume ofcarbon dioxide, so that the pH of the reactor maintained at about6.5 to 6.7.
  5. After running for some time, measure the water calciumconcentration should be greater than 500ppm or exceed themeasurable range of reagents, and the second tube ofanti-calcium water close to neutral pH values​​, indicating thatcalcium reactor operating normally.



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