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Blue fin BF-7500 DC pump

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blue fin return pump

Blue fin BF-7500 DC pump


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– Free adjustable water speed power

– Over-heat and low water level power cut-off system, high performance on safety usage

– Saltwater resistant parabolic rubber feet for acoustic decoupling

– Extreme low noise brushless pump with grouted power electronics

– High performance ceramic bearings and hollow shaft for bypass purging in the rotor housing

– Only saltwater resistant pump with titanium rotor, titanium stator and shriveled bearing

– Heavy and massive craftsmanship against vibrations and oscillation CE conformity, developed and built according to VDE guidelines.

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Blue fin BF-7500 DC pump

Blue fin return pump – Specially made high performance, energy-saving, variable frequency DC Blue Fin Pump.

Made for the marine aquarium demanding, we offer advance variable frequency technology with low noise brushless pump. The pump chamber flushing design, which protects the pump against lime deposits and enhance lifetime, speeds the water flow go through the hollow passage to take the heat generated by the rotor.

Blue Fin Pump is suitable for fresh water and marine aquarium. Hobbyists have the flexibility to arrange models and functions according to different tank environments.






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