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First bite Calanus Liquid Feed – 250ml

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First bite Calanus Liquid Feed – 250ml


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  • Easy to Use
  • No refrigeration required
  • Contain Rich in EPA,DHA and SDA fatty acids and high in colour enhancing carotenoids

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BCUK Calanus Liquid Feed – 250ml

Our Calanus® Liquid is supplied in 250ml bottles and is ideal for use in dosing systems. With a shelf life (in ambient conditions) of 12 months there is no need to chill or freeze, simply use straight from the bottle. Prepared with care at our UK based factory this product uses the same high quality Calanus® material found in our dried and frozen range.


Calanus® is a decapod (10 legged) free swimming zooplankton that are instantly recognised by their intense blood-orange colouration. This colouration stems from the extremely high levels of astaxanthin and other carotenoids stored within the Calanus®body.

The Calanus® are harvested using patented harvesting technology and quickly frozen on board the vessel to ensure the product is of premium quality when it reaches the end user. As the Calanus® is frozen immediately upon harvest it is more nutritious than many collected live plankton organisms as they can quickly lose their nutritional values if they are not feeding between harvest and aquarium use.

Experimental tests have indicated that the Calanus® are highly beneficial to the immune system of aquatic life therefore providing greatly improved survival rates. Calanus® contain very high levels of the famed fatty acids EPA, DHA and SDA the latter of which is surprisingly of plant origin and is present also in plankton algae and certain terrestrial plants.





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