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coral box battery backup up V2

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coral box battery backup up V2

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Power Cell is only 1/3 Price on Vortech Battery, include CE / MSDS Certification. 
Power Cell sells Design by USA, we include Controller and Fuse to protection our Battery.
Suitable for use with AquaIllumination’s Nero5, Nero 3 etc.. !!
  • Excellent power Backup for your pump for un-expected electricity problem ( power failure, storm ect..)
  • Keep your pump running for up to 48 hours !!
  • Avoid Tank crush – Keep your tank pump / wave maker running to provide oxygen during power failure .
  • Automatically switch to battery backup in the event of no electricity / power failure
  • Provide uninterrupted Automatic Power supply for Pump/ wave maker operation.
  • Provides stable electricity that helps increase pump / wave maker lifetime
  • Specially developed for use on Jebao, jecord pump and Vortech Wave maker use. 

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coral box battery backup up V2

** New 2019 Model ** 

Coral Box Battery backup for Jebao , jecord, maxpect, galmorca, ecotech MP wave maker pump

Do you know that without any form of water movement or oxygen, your coral or fish can last a maximum of only 6 hour ?

Which is why you need to protect your investment in your fish , coral with a power battery back up system for your beloved tank to prevent any tank crush while you are away from home oversea or during an un-expected power failure.  Each battery pack allow you to power up to 2 pump / wave maker during emergency and it also allow you to double your battery standby time with two battery pack connected together.


  • Easy to use power Backup for your pump/ wave maker during emergency.
  • Protect your asset ( Expensive Fishes/ Corals ) 
  • Keep for your tank pump / Wave maker in operation to avoid any fish or coral casualty Up to 48 hours **
  • Auto Switch on to backup Power Battery Cell in the event of power disruption / power failure  *
  • Auto switch to constant Power supply, Provides stable electricity to keep pump longer lifetime
  • Provides best lifetime for the pump operation than another non factory develop battery
  • Customers using jebao pump is able to just using our power supply instead of original power supply to Auto Switch transfer to backup power in the event of electrical failure. 
Battery is  include CE / MSDS Certificated 
Power Cell come with a protection 7A fuse which prevent damage to equipment . 

Running Sample Test on (Jebao RW Pump) Using lowest model W1 Function 

RW4 / WP10 48 Hours
RW8 / WP25 24 Hours
RW15 / WP40 18 Hours
RW20 / WP60 9 Hours
Above measurement is only estimated running time, as actual running time will depend on battery usage, life span and pump setting . If you would like to double the back up operation time, you may run two battery in parallel .
Suitable use on ;
– All Jebao RW wave maker ; RW4, RW8, RW 15, RW 20
– All Jebao WP wave maker ; WP-10, WP-25, WP-40, WP-60
-All Latest Jebao / Jecod SW series pump
– Maxspec Grye XF 130 , XF 150, XF230, XF250, XD280
– All Ecotech vortech MP wave maker  ; MP 10, MP40, MP 60 ( QD & Non-QD)
– All Galmorca wave maker pump
  • 110V to 240V Voltage 50/60hz
  • Size : 15x 11 x 7cm
  • US – 3 Pin Power Supply
  • Extend Cable / Magic Twins cable for RW
  • Vortech Power Supply Adapter


Package includes the following ;

  • Battery pack main unit x 1
  • User operating manual x 1
  • DC charge x 1 (100-240 Vac input, DC 13.8V 1A Output )
  • Cable A ; Extender to pump / Wave Maker x 2 ( 5.5mm X x2, 5.5mm F )
  • Cable B ; Extender to Extender Cable x 1; ( 5.5mm M to 5.5mm M)
  • DC Adapter connector for wave maker; 2 piece each , 5.5/2.1 female to 3.5/1.35M, 2.1F to 2.5M & 2.5F to 2.1M ( For maxspect Gyre wave maker connection)



** Product Warranty ** 

-6 month from date of purchase.






















































































































































































































Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 19 × 14.5 cm


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