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ats algae scrubber Water fall Eco Box

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ats algae scrubber Water fall Eco Box


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Product specification

  • Dimension ; 28 cm (Length ) x 10 cm ( Width ) x 27 cm ( Height )
  • Maximum glass thickness ; 12 mm
  • Algae screen dimension ; 26 xm x 18.5 cm
  • LED grow light for ATS screen ; 10 W
  • Pump ; 30 W ( 1500 – 200 lph )
  • Capacity ; One unit for 400 – 600 litres  Tank

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ATS Algae Scrubber Water fall Eco Box

Have you been having algae problems in your display tank? Do you feed your fish as much as you would eat? Are you sick and tired of struggling to keep your sand and aquarium glass clean? If you feel that you have been facing the issue above, and wanted a simple solution to it, then the answer to your problems lies within the mangled screen of what has been called the Algae Turf Scrubber. 

Nutrients1 Nutrients2

The ATS Algae Tuff scrubber is an effective device and it takes nature to the next level just promoting the growth of alage in a specified area in the ATS box and removing nutrients  / waste from the water when the algaes grow. Not only does it filter out nutrients especially ( Phosphate P04 and Nitrate N03) , but it creates a whole new world of life forms in your aquarium that you probably would never see otherwise. The new generation of our ATS scrubber box is easy to clean, splash proof, and promote maximum algae growth on the screen itself. It is truly a natural ecological box .

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Some of the main advantages of running a ATS Algae scrubber includes ;

o Allows you to increase your feeding without causing nuisance algae growth in the tank.

o Can replace waterchanges, YES IF THE PURPOSE of the waterchange is to just to reduce nitrate or

phosphate or algae growth. Otherwise, it does not replace the water change.

o Promote the Grows of copepods and all other types of pods

o Increases pH.

o Increases oxygen.

o Will NOT spread algae into the tank. It removes algae FROM the tank.

o There is no odor from the algae (only a slight ocean smell when cleaning it).

o Is very quiet when flowing, similar to a tabletop decorative waterfall.

o Introduces no microbubbles when adjusted.

o Removes ammonia too.

Before using Algae scrubber in tank


After using Algae Scrubber


The whole packages Include suction pump, LED lighting and screen, everything that you need. Just Plug and go !



Placement ( The water fall Algae scrubber can be hang on top of the display tank or below the sump tank

Hang on top tank placement 

Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

Sump placement 


Harvesting the algae

UserJski711onRS-13  harvest from algae scrubber harvest from algae scrubber2


Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 16.5 × 15 cm


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