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Aquamaster Brine Shrimp Eggs – 425 Grams – high Hatch Rate

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Aquamaster Brine Shrimp Eggs – 425 Grams – high Hatch Rate


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  • 90% hatch rate brine shrimp eggs
  • artemia cysts (brine shrimp eggs) are high in protein
  • ideal first food for many varieties of baby fish

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Aquamaster Brine Shrimp Eggs – 425 Grams – high Hatch Rate



Brine Shrimp Eggs is one kind of marine organisms with rich and comprehensive

nutrition for many kind of major cultured aquatic species.

It is a very important feed for the newly hatch fish larva and corals . Freshly hatch baby larva has high nutriment value and protein value which is excellent food source for new baby fries.




Penaeid shrimp, Marine fish, Freshwater fish, Aquarium fish, etc.


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein   60% min

Crude Fat        17% min

Crude Ash       4.4% max

Moisture          8.5% max


Important note: For best results, store the brine shrimp eggs in the refrigerator when not using. Do not keep it under direct sun or in warm places. Before opening the tin, you may store in the freezer, but make sure to thaw it for 6-12hours before opening tin. If stored properly, the brine shrimp eggs can last for years. Hatch rate may drop over time.

Hatching Instruction:
It is necessary to execute a prior soak (1 hour) for cysts in clean freshwater before hatching.
1. Hatching tank: A conical bottom tank works best for hatching.

2. Solution Salinity:10-35 PPT is acceptable

3. PH: optimal 8-8.5 PH.

4. Egg Density: less than 2.5g of cysts per litre of solution.

5. Temperature: optimal temperature is 28°C-30°C (for 24-28 hours)

6. Illumination: The recommended illumination is 2000 lux (no less than 1500 lux for 24 hours)

7. Aeration: Maintain strong continuous aeration to the bottom of container through airstones

throughout hatching period, oxygen saturation 2-3 mg per litre of solution.

8. Hatching time: 24-36 hours


Storage Suggestion:

1. Keep away from direct sunlight.

2. Store in a dry place below 5°C.

3. Consumed immediately or stored in refrigerated conditions when the package is opened.



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