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AquaForest Pro Bio F

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AquaForest Pro Bio F

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the unique composition of specially selected probiotic bacterial strains designed to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter

Decomposes toxic substances for fish

The use of probiotic bacteria significantly reduces the risk of diseases of aquarium inhabitants and increases their resistance to stress.

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AquaForest Pro Bio F

Product contains a unique composition of freeze-dried probiotic bacteria and nourishment to facilitate their multiplication. Pro Bio F is especially recommended for small aquariums in which installing a filter with polymers is not possible or it is much more difficult. It can replace the administration of VSV or other carbon sources.

The unique composition of specially selected strains of probiotic bacteria has been developed to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. It improves clarity of water and promotes cleaning the substrate.

The use of Pro Bio F reduces the amount of nitrate to an undetectable level, providing the coral with perfectly balanced living conditions and excellent colouring.

Dosage: 1 spoon per 100 l (27 US gal) of water daily. Product for aquarium use only. Keep away from children. Not suitable for human consumption.





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