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Aquaforest Component B – 200ml

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aquaforest component b 200ml

Aquaforest Component B – 200ml

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Aquaforest Component B – 200ml

Component B is designed for complementing minor deficiencies of heavy metals in a marine aquarium. Contains: cobalt, copper, chrome, manganese, vanadium, zinc, nickel, iron. Skimmer and filtration media tend to remove trace elements from the water of closed aquarium system, making micro nutrients supplementation necessary. The unique composition of the preparation ensures supplementing the water with heavy metals essential in the reef aquarium. Component B was designed based on the ratio of elements in natural seawater. Due to supplementation of crucial elements the corals will gain intense coloration and stay in fantastic condition. Safe concentration of the preparation minimizes the chance of micro nutrients overdose, therefore Component B can also be used by novice aquarists.

Dosage: in mixed-reef aquariums 5 ml per 100 l of water once a week. The dose can also be adjusted to the calcium consumption – 1 ml for every 20 ppm/100 l of water. In aquariums run with Balling method – 20 ml/1 l Calcium solution.

When using Components A, B, C a 5-minute time interval should be kept between each dose.

Do not overtighten the screw, otherwise the cover might be damaged.


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