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3 Stage DI water filter system

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3 stage di filter
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3 Stage DI water filter system


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Universal systems that are perfect for beginner reefers who wanted to improve the water quality of their tape water and to remove harmful contaminates like phosphate or chloramines in the raw tape water.  Also, the Universal systems are perfect if you have no idea what is in your water, and just want to know you have the best filtration available for your reef tank .


  • Universal system that can use for both drinking water or tank
  • Universal 1 Micron Carbon Block Filter helps remove  Chlorine and Chloramines
  • No reduce in water pressure
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3 Stage DI water filter system


3 Stage DI Unit – 5 micron Sediment Carbon Block DI Resin TDS Pen Tap Adapter Hose and Wrench included.


package consist of;

1 x PP Sediment filter

1 x carbon block filter

1 x DI resin filter

1 x TDS Pen

1 x opener

necessary fitting and tubing.





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