About Us

About Us 

 MyAquariumshops started out being a company created by a passionate hobbyist for fellow hobbyists like us who know how to get the best deal and products for our tank aquarium. With the variety of online aquarium stores, we know it could be painful at time to decide which store deserves your hard-earned money. We would like to earn your business and your trust: not only delivering the best products to you by having all your favorite equipment in stock, but also provide you with a great shopping experience by having knowledgeable hobbyists or staff to serve you better !! We always love hearing your feedback, questions about your beloved fish tank , and questions that you might required help with regarding your setup.

We know the important of knowledge how it can helps make your reefing or fish keeping experience easier and more fun with, so that you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your tank instead of worrying about your tank. 

Quality Products

We believe that our fishes and livestock deserve the best Quality products that we can offer to them. Therefore, we only offer products that we as hobbyist will use on our tank as well. 


Quality Services 

Although we operate online, we truly understand the important of what good customer services is and how we value our customers. We value each customers feedback seriously, and we will never compromise with offering quality products and services to our beloved customers. 


Why Shop With Us ?

As a dedicated hobbyist ourselves, we love our fishes ,corals and livestock as much as you do . We feel that as a responsible hobbyist, our fish deserve the best but at time our pocket does allow us to provide so. Balancing the finance and love of our livestock involve a lot of time and commitment, which we at MyAquariumShops aim to provide hobbyist with quality products at great prices !! Fish keeping can be affordable for all.  


Social Responsibility

As a dedicated hobbyist ourselves, we understand the impact human being has affected our mother earth one way or another. As such, we take great effort to ensure that all products we sold are environmental friendly, and we support local and worldwide conservation funds in their continuous effort to make our earth a better place. 


Quality Products , Quality Services